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Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Outro Music: “Dark Trap” by rh_music

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  1. The True

    Anyone else have an artificial telemarketer call? Listen for pauses and cadence in the speech, even higher quality computer generated speech sounds too smooth and pauses in a slightly off way. Pretty soon the programmers will randomly (or contextually) fluctuate these properties as well, making them completely indistinguishable from human. His name was John Connor. 😓

  2. David Lanzendörfer

    Gray-human hybrids are unlikely since the grays are eukaryotic, or for laymen: grays have evolved from mushrooms… grays are mushrooms… Try to fuck a portobello and see whether a human with a portobello head results from it…
    In addition: When modifying humans one doesn't need to mate with them, just use retro viruses (-> CRISPR)

  3. Oven Man

    9:32 oh no oh no that ai has been in movies and it always started the robot uprising, I’ve been saying for about 8 years that there will be a robot uprising, it’ll soon be here maybe sooner than you think

  4. eloundainfo

    You say that you hope this technology does not fall into the wrong hands…..well sorry it already has, every piece of so-called smart tech is in the wrong hands …now.


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