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First Posted: Jun 09, 2016 06:06 AM EDT

UFO sightings have been the subject of online news for many years, from reports of colored floating lights to mysterious clouds that seem like spaceships. But according to a former NASA employee, the people’s visual conclusions are not valid.

The rationale of UFO sightings was explained by James Oberg, who became a space journalist after working for NASA in late 1990s, in an article published in Atlas Obscura, wherein he mentioned spending years of watching footages of the  alleged  sightings. However, Oberg is more interested to find out the reason behind the people’s strong reaction to outer space footage and images than reject theories.

According to Oberg, the people’s sensory system works totally perfect for Earth’s conditions, yet remains a local civilization. Because of this, it becomes visually confusing to move past the other planets. He also stated that human senses are made to understand specific light conditions, slow-moving objects and an atmosphere. He believes that when these conditions change, people are surprised and react strongly, Tech Worm reported.

Oberg mentioned space travel’s first principle that the objects which come off a vehicle have the tendency to move along with it. These objects seem to move in straight lines, except if some force is encountered like the atmosphere or a waste plume from a rocket thruster. He went on explaining that the ice is the usual cause, as vehicles eliminate waste heat by evaporating water vs coolant panels that lead to blizzards of ice crystals.

In 1996, a footage of the Space Shuttle Columbia mission sent to carry two orbit satellites around the Earth, was shown with a mysterious range of flashing lights that appeared in a circular formation and was seen for five minutes in the video. According to Oberg, the  objects are not really jumping through a wormhole, or suddenly coming in over the horizon, but just moving in and out of the shadow of the shuttle.

The UFO phenomenon and the public reaction bring unending interest to Oberg, especially when people who watch the footage would often treat each other like morons, because as explained by Oberg, their visual conclusions are not valid anymore, according to Mirror.

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