Working from our current understanding of physics, isn’t interdimensional much more plausible than extraterrestrial?

On 9/27/2019 i had seen a few ufo's flying over helena and one over my house. saturday a blizzard hit helena and all of montana, which is a very rare event being that its september and the last blizzard to hit in september was in 1947. sunday the snow was heavy but that evening about an hour after the storm started to clear my wife yelled for me to come upstairs to our room, i asked why? it was odd, so i dropped what i was doing "sweeping the floor" and ran upstairs to our room. she told me to look out the window. when i did i recognized it immediately, i had a close encounter with something like the first ufo when i was a kid, in 1999, another store for another time. i asked my wife for her phone, because mine was on the charger. i went outside and started filming. i wasn't going to report this, i see ufos often enough it doesn't get me to excited as much. the reason i am reporting this is because i caught the first ufo warping, it was pulling space time toward it and then jumped after pulling stars into the ufo and then it released them like a slingshot or something and the ufo was gone, i did not see this at first aka you cant see it jump, its to fast, happened in less than a 0.0001 seconds, i have enough photo and video i feel confident that this could help humanity. in the video, you need to slow time down to see the ship jump, before it warped it was jumping and fazing in and out of our dimensional space, even appearing in two places at once. i drew a few images i seen while watching the video. they almost seemed like shadows on my screen but they changed depending on what point of the video i was on, so i drew a few of them, the best i could. also saw another ufo not long after the first one jumped. i caught it shooting up from helena, it went straight into the air, it was extremely bright at first and only dulled slightly before cloaking. right after the ufo cloaked you can hear the sound of a jet, i also got the jet on camera, at the time of filming i thought the ufo was making the jet sound, the ufos had all left after the jet showed up, the jet or more than one, was still flying around helena 5 hours after i first filmed. i stayed up all night and day, im running on 3 hours of sleep, stayed up watching the 13 minute video and watching parts in extremely slow motion. 0.010 seconds and even in the video of the ufo warping away, i have two shots in the same 0.112 second of the still frame that show the "planets/stars" that are being pulled toward the ufo before it shoots. in the video when the ufo warps the recording doesn't let me see it, its like the video is speeding past the section that the ship warps which is at around the 07:05.087 – 7:05.600. the time skips and speeds up from around 07:05.120 – 07:05.580 making it extremely difficult to see unless you can slow the video down more. all of this is in the video, my commentary is horrible, not sure it helps.

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