WOMEN IN SUNGLASSES: Documentary Trailer

WOMEN IN SUNGLASSES was conceived in the South of France. After the first edition of the work was stolen from a stopover at a Prague hotel room by the local Mafia who also made off with Corbell’s passport, cash and camera equipment, landing the artist a 72 hour stay in a Czech jail. While incarcerated Corbell conceived the comeback of what would then become known as the Los Angeles version of WOMEN IN SUNGLASSES aka ANGEL KILLER. His art opening turned into the photo shoot itself once back in Los Angeles on the date of the show. Models poured into the party, tearing off designer blouses and rolling on Smashbox lipsticks as Corbell snapped away with a vintage Polaroid camera the only rule? They all wore sunglasses!

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is an accidental Artist. A warrior who trained Jiu-Jitsu for the majority of his life; teaching and doing seminars around the world. The transition from Warrior to Artist began while traveling in Nepal, where he acquired a near-fatal respiratory disease that changed his life.

No longer able to train martial arts, Corbell found strength in painting on vintage doors salvaged from local demolitions around his childhood home. The recovery experience accidentally launched his new life as an Artist. Or you could say that the Artist always inside him continued, just expressing itself in a different form. In moving from punches to paint-brushes, Corbell once said about this experience, “I learned that we often only express fragments of our totality, and that it is through the courage of imagination that we become free to truly express.”

You can see more about Corbell at www.jeremycorbell.com
And check out his wicked NINJA skills at www.quantumjujitsu.com

Upcoming creations from the accidental artist include:

– The launch of Corbell’s tee-shirt brand at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Summer 2010

– A collaboration with the World Fashion Awards in support of humanitarian aid.

– A feature length documentary on Corbell and his creative process.

“It is my hope that my art will challenge your beliefs. Art can change the world, and everybody can live artfully.”

Music by Flipper Dalton
Clothing and Jewelry by Cory Madley
Shot by Sofia Balm


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