Witness Accounts: Volume Two

On episode 46 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, listeners recount their personal UFO sightings in this second installment of witness accounts. From strange lights in the sky to possible encounters with beings outside a window. From orbs begging to be seen to strange spherical objects surrounding a driver and his wife. This episode dives deep into just how bizarre, scary, beautiful, and life-altering a UFO encounter can truly be. 

Several individuals requested anonymity in this episode. Those who didn’t use their real names. Thank you to all who sent in their accounts.

More episodes like this will be available in the future, but only with your help. If you’d like to recount your own personal sighting or encounter, use the contact tab at the website to discuss further.

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    The last story is very mesmerizing but what I don’t understand is that he was driving in very heavy traffic and the object was hovering right above the cars so he and his wife could not be the only ones who saw this…What he is describing is a mass siting and the authorities should have gotten lots of calls from the public.

  2. Saa Torto

    6:40 , great show full off good encounters, this chaps story is similar to a friend, he reliesed the silver saucer was a helium balloon spinning silver saucer, very very realistic….for 25 years he didn’t know any difference, tough break… still ….. brilliant podcast, never miss a show .

  3. Ed Perry

    Am I first?!
    Second witness – 2016! Slowed down his car, wound down window, the ufo appeared to be following him -no photo or video?!? I know everyone listening to this account is thinking the same!


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