WHAT!? Buzz Aldrin Admits “WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON” ?

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  1. Nebo600

    Awww….. look at bling bling hip hop buzzed Buzz tell the truth. Perhaps he feels guilty over the years from getting rich over BS he spews. He might just have a conscious after all.

  2. Mike Steve Matt Cali Kelly Rachael

    Oh this is what sparked the debate over a decade ago. I was wondering what that spark was and where it came from.
    There is no debate and never has been one since we got imaging applications and one person noticed something a little strange.
    No aliens, no moon landing, woman are funny.

  3. jprolls rolls

    The moon astronauts allegedly spent 22 hours on the moon. After Aldrin left the lunar lander, the hatch was left open. Therefore, Armstrong and Aldrin's backpacks supplied fluids and oxygen for 22 hours. But 50 years later, no air tank system of backpack size can provide oxygen for more than 2 or 3 hours max. This was shown by the recent rescue of the Thai boys in the cave rescue. If such a system was invented in 1969 why not merchandise it for rescue teams, divers etc. You seriously think the oxygen in the astronauts backpacks was breathed in, became CO2 and was recycled back into oxygen for 22 hours? Forget all the shadows, waving flags, radiation belts, sound in a vacuum, one sixth gravity, rivets on the lunar lander, you miss the most obvious lie. You think they bounced around holding their breath for 20 hours after their 2 hour supply ran out? Or maybe aliens rained down extra air-tanks for them?

  4. Ready ready

    He meant: 'we didn't go there' meaning they did not explore the reason why they never went back. That they went to the moon, they did, it is just common sense.

  5. vidmeout

    He doesn't say he hasn't been to the moon or that nobody has been to the moon. He only states that they simply haven't been there as a reason of the question presented "why it hasn't happened for a long time"… I might be trying to level with the child hence the "confusing" answer. Nothing here to be honest.

  6. Allen Cohen

    While we definitely did not go to the moon, at least not in 1969.  Many photographic experts on both sides of the Atlantic, have stated again and again, that based on their analysis the moon landing took place on a sound stage, probably in California !!!!!

  7. Chevy Guy

    It is so obvious that all he is answering is her question" Why haven't we GONE BACK to the moon".The man is obviously on medication(or whatever) and had a hard time clearly expressing himself.

  8. yettobseen

    They did go. Period. If people would really investigate, and take into account that CGI and studio production just wasn’t possible in those days. Special F/X at best was claymation and strings. Even 2001 a Space Odyssey was ahead of it’s time in every way, did not have the look and feel that the Apollo missions had. Plus I watched them personally on TV in BW


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