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I’m a volunteer lighthouse keeper at Big Sable Point Lighthouse in Ludington State Park. On the evening of November 3rd 2015 I had taken some recycling cardboard to the car and was returning to the lighthouse. The sun had recently set but the lighthouse wasn’t yet cloaked in darkness. I thought it looked wonderful and had lifted my phone camera to take a picture of it. I was facing West towards Lake Michigans shore. As I held my hands up to get a steady shot, I saw a dark object fall down the South side of the lighthouse tower. It crossed the roof of the keepers quarters between two dormers and fell to within a few feet of the gravel road/parking lot to the South of the lighthouse. The object then flew directly at me in an Eastward direction dipping up and down very quickly. The movement drew my attention but I luckily continued my photo and pushed the button to snap the shot. Just after the photo snapped it flew past the right side of my face so close I felt a slight breeze and heard a whoosh’. I didn’t have time to turn my head but because of of my position I believe it flew directly over a sand burm and flew off East across the dunes toward Hamlin Lake. I had no idea what I’d seen until I dropped my hands and saw the image I had captured on my phone camera. Because I read and research strange phenomenon I knew immediately what I’d witnessed. I believe I observed a ‘Flying Rod’ also known as a skyfish. It was dark colored in the distance but showed up as golden in my picture. I had the distinct feeling it had flown in off Lake Michigan, circled the tower light, and dropped down towards me flying in a West to East direction. By this time of year there aren’t any insects larger than a fly in the air and the sound it made was a whoosh. No buzzing, no flapping but a whoosh. I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and have tended to the light every year for the last 10 years +/-. I’m well acquainted w the flora and fauna of the area and have never witnessed anything like it. I’d swear an affidavit to all the above and would take a lie detector test as well. I have the picture in my possession as I report this and will include it in this report.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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