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One astounding video of a ghostly apparition on Lake Superior is going viral. It might be a UFO, ghost ship or … Jesus Christ.

By R. Siva Kumar | Oct 14, 2016 07:52 AM EDT

Lake Superior

Who’s walking on Lake Superior? (Photo : youtube.com)

One video film of a strange and ethereal apparition floating on Lake Superior has received 2,244,788 views in just four days. It showed an enigmatic form that came up above or rose from the huge Lake Superior in Michigan, USA.

There have been various viewpoints on this. While some spectators said that it could be a “ghost ship”, others said it might be a “UFO rising from an underwater base”.

But a fascinating opinion happens to be that it is Jesus Christ.

Jason Asselin put up a promotional blurb of the video. He wrote: “Saturday evening far off the coast from Marquette, Michigan, appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! Almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world. Even if it were a ship, what could be that tall in these choppy waves?”

Shipwrecks are not too uncommon on Lake Superior, so its share of ghosts are common and popular too, perhaps! There have been more than 6,000 shipwrecks, taking 30,000 lives on Lake Superior, according to Great Lakes Shipwreck museum.

Asselin’s blurb added: “Was it a UFO ‘Unidentified Floating Object’?

Asselin’s video was filmed when he took a round of the region with country singer Kevin B Klein for some filmmaking. The wave of viewpoints from users that followed was quite varied.

It was Vaz Zav who was firm: “Google ‘Fata Morgana’ – that will explain what you are seeing.”

Fata Morgana is a sort of mirage that can be spotted on land or sea. It involves “the optical distortion and inversion of distant objects such as boats or buildings.” There is the likelihood of the images becoming stacked. Light rays start to bend while passing through airs of different temperatures, especially when they go through heat hazes.

Another reasonable viewpoint seems to be that it is a lighthouse, which is located about nine miles north of where the video was taken. The lighthouse is on the northernmost tip of Presque Isle Park in Marquette, called Black Rocks.

Alien hunter Scott Waring, whose head is always in Alien clouds, said: “It was an alien craft leaving some under water base with a splash.” In an article on the video, he wrote: “500 Metre UFO Rises Out Of Lake. This UFO was caught on Saturday rising up out of the water. The metallic grey of the metal is easy to make out. The long object to its side is part of it. The two objects are actually one…below the water.”

Finally, the religious lot got ecstatic with their views.

One commentator said: “Looks like Jesus and Peter out for a stroll, to me.”

Don Atello agreed: “Looks more like Jesus walking on water.”

That was dismissed by some: “Jesus walking on water was suggested too. Crazy!”

All the viewpoints seem to be pretty weird, but the fondest hope that everyone would harbor – even the skeptics – is that Jesus Christ has come back to walk on water and set us free. That might be the wildest thought, but then, why not?

YouTube/Jason Asselin  

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