Was the Staffordshire UFO Sighting Actually a Secret Military Drone? – Top Secret Writers


1. At an Indianapolis Indians game with my fianc��e.
2. I recoded a slow motion video of a helicopter nearby hoping to get a nice shot of the rotary blades in slow motion (224 frames per second). Looked at video and then noticed the strange dark object move faster than any living creature or man made craft would be able to move.
3. I had no idea what the object was, I thought at first maybe a bird, but the real time version of the video disproved that based on speed.
4. Entered top right portion of the screen and crossed the horizon with time sous speed, then cuts right and moves behind the stadium lights helping to determine size which would be at least Te size of small plane.
5. I thought to myself after seeing the video over and over again that this is completely abnormal and felt it important enough to report. The copy of the video on my phone is the best quality but i have it on Youtube. Just search ” UFO at Indianapolis Indians game”.
On my phones version you can see the object change direction then move out of frame. I didn’t stay on the object because I only noticed it after I reviewed the video.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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