"UNKNOWN THINGS" Happening Underground

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  1. There are some very freaky stories about this vacc?s and that they are installing street lights that are making people start glowing a purple looking colour and even right where you’ve been given this injection and your veins are glowing oh that’s right no I will not say that otherwise you’ll all start totally freaking out if you have had this not really a vacc? actually

  2. I live between Oneida lake and Syracuse in New York state and I heard a couple of these booms 3 to 5 years ago. I've heard all kinds of explosions and gunshots and these were unlike anything I ever heard. You could feel it in your chest and in the ground but it definitely came from the air.

  3. In some cases all over America are Commandos in the military destroying underground installations (Dumbs) operated by the deep state. Instead of exploding them in D.C. they flooded them. Its not bunkers being constructed, but more like destructed. Thousands of people of all ages from infants to adults have been rescued. Many of the commandos have had to be hospitalized for emotional trauma from what they have seen. Its not Aliens, but rather our evil govt. that is the cause. And its the good guys that are rescuing people and destroying the bunkers. In so far as tunnels and high speed rails, I dont know about that. This is not only documented, but are also on film. In the not too distant future, it will all come out for the public the see and learn what has been going on and the names of who were involved in all this.

  4. I think their drilling underneath our feet all across the world
    But I've been hearing kinda these booms from the sky like 5 am in the morning and sounds like a huge ship is flying over my head but nothing is their no lights nothing last for like 2. 3 minutes then fades away
    And sometimes will do it same time every morning maybe related no idea
    Southern Ontario Canada

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