‘Unexplained’ Parry Sound UFO sighting reported in Canadian UFO Study – www.parrysound.com


It was sunday april 23rd about 4:30 am, i was alone on the balcony of my home having a cigarette and was gazing at the moon above the forest in front of my house, it was a waning crescent moon that night which was a reddish color at that moment. as i was observing the moon thinking about different non related things in my mind, i all of the sudden noticed a big cigar shaped object a couple degrees to the right of the moon, the object seemed large it was of a white/grey color, cylindrical shaped, what seemed to be the front of the cylinder was a couple degrees upward and the bottom a couple degrees downward in other words it was at an angle, it did not move it was static in the sky at the moment i noticed it. i was confused as i didn't understand what it was, a lapse of 3 seconds went by until the object seemed to pulsate once a white circular light at the bottom end of the ship, in a fraction of a second after this pulse was emitted the object pro-pulsed itself at an incredible speed the movement lasted about a second, at the end of the second the object pulsated another white circular light this time at the front of the the ship, and it seemed to have entered this light and disappeared. there was absolutely no sounds emitted whatsoever before during or after the incident.
the ottawa airport is about 2 mins away from where the incident happened, and i am used to seeing airplanes taking off or flying by i always hear them, and i am more than certain that this was no plane, this object was huge, had no wings, it was static in the air, it made no sounds what so ever!,it flew at a speed of a shooting star upwards and disappeared.
after i witnessed this event i went inside my house scared and woke up my friend who was sleeping on my couch, i told him what had happened but he was really sleepy so he went to bed.

i have attached a sketch of what i saw and i have enumerated the sequence of how the event happened, the following is a brief description of the events:

1) noticed the cylinder object static a couple degrees from the moon. duration 3 secs.

2) object emits one pulse of white light at the bottom end. duration about 1 second.

3) object shoots off at an incredible speed upwards the positioning of the moon.

4) object while moving at the incredible speed emits a pulse of white light at the front end.

5) object while moving enters the white light.

6) white light disappears.

7) event finished. duration a total of give or take 5 seconds.

fyi: the sticks at the bottom of each drawing are trees.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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