UFOs over Columbus, Montana.

Witness description:
“First it started when I noticed one light in the sky. We watched it for a while as it moved slowly away from us but higher up. then stopped moving at all. We assumed it had to be some sort of balloon, but we watched it for over thirty minutes and it didn’t move again. We walked about fifty yards to the front of the house and looked back up at it. It was still there and still alone. Out of nowhere three more show up in a v formation. They didn’t float into formation. We would have seen them. They literally just appeared. So we watch the v formation for at least twenty minutes, and then we notice a fifth one way across the sky acting like it was catching up to the rest. The single one we were able to watch in some high-powered binoculars we had handy and you could see it’s lights. The top would be yellow, the bottom pink, and then switch. We watched it in total for an hour or more before it went behind the trees.”

Source: mufon
Filmed in Columbus, Montana. 7/2/2020 4:30 pm.
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

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