UFOs: Ours or Theirs? Michael Schratt on the Richard Dolan Show.

Since flying saucers first entered our public awareness in the 1940s, people have debated whether these objects are extraterrestrial or purely man-made. Ours or theirs. Michael Schratt is a private pilot, military historian, and expert in aerospace/aviation with a deep knowledge of UFO history. He offers his perspective on this important question. In addition, Michael has used his own skills in CAD and Solidworks, as well as contracting graphic artist professionals, to recreate fascinating and forgotten cases in UFO history, several of which are displayed here.

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?


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  1. C M

    The issue I see is that they wouldn’t just have to have figured out the propulsion system, they’d have to have material tech that we still don’t have, or anything close, that could withstand the forces involved. The computers and navigation systems alone are leaps and bounds above where we are now.

    It just doesn’t make sense these craft are ours.

  2. S- Abe

    Aha! Evanston is not downtown Chicago, it's only somewhat near North Chicago! Got em! Confirmed debunked! Seriously though, hope you have Michael Schratt on again with more images.

  3. 1776

    Holy smoley !!! Just heard Tucker Carlson say he asked Trump about UFOs in his interview while in Asia. They will air that segment on Friday 7/5/19 show !!!

  4. Fourth Reich Forthcoming

    I wonder what your thoughts on Carl Sagan is Rich. Was he bought and compromised on this issue? How he could dismiss the entire phenomenon is astounding to me, and he influenced lots of intelligent people who respected him and use his position as a fallback. Did he honestly believe every single sighting was imagined? If so, how is that possible?

  5. Guy Merritt

    This guy believes that all 95% of these triangles are the US military….??? I don't need to be private pilot, nor, have some advanced degree in the natural sciences to – pretty much – know this guy is full of shit. I was 100-feet from one of these things, and, the damned thing "took" two of my co-workers…. They got to work 45-minutes late with an insane story, straight out of some tabloid. And it really, really screwed one of these women up – for life (happened in 1994). Just seeing the damned thing didn't do me a world of good. I don't 'want to believe" either way – but based upon what happened, in my life, I feel that I know this dude is dead wrong. A mutual friend suggested this guy as a Facebook friend – I just unfriended the guy. This is a guy who probably doesn't believe people get "taken", either. What – we've got technology that sucks vehicles off freeways, piloted by dwarfs in alien suits who perform gynecological exams on women, etc. WTF – why do I even fuck with the internet. Yeah – this guy's a real authority on this shit, because he has an enormous home library. I think there's a group, among people who study this stuff, who are so afraid of the whole "alien thing" that they will do anything to convince themselves and others that most of this – or damned near all of this – is the US military. I don't care how well pressed this guy's suit might be, he's wrong. I've got four videos on my channel about my experience(s) – with no ads….sandwiched between some pet videos, a three-part pellet stove review, some old band videos, etc. Watch 'em if you want to….. I'm not trying to pay the freaking bills by getting people to follow me on YouTube, sellin' a book, collecting Patreon supporters, etc. I'm a 67-year old guy who's pathetically honest, and, who's had some odd experiences. Wanna follow me on Twitter? You can't, because I don't know how to use it… When a guy like this is presented as an authority on this stuff it irks me beyond words (obviously). Well….I found a few words, I guess. Ridiculous. Propaganda.

  6. Diomi

    Why is it that when you mention the Indian Point sighting (of a craft the size of 3 football fields) and ask his opinion on it Schratt deflects by diverting to Monique O’Driscoll’s sighting, which he suggests is anthropogenic in origin?

  7. Ken King

    Why would NASA continue to lie to the American people about technology that would be identified as Alien Technology? Doesn’t make sense to me that these devices are human made. Where do they “park” these craft when they aren’t on mission?

  8. 2 demons attached

    One thing that is mystifying is where and when are these black budget crafts being used? They can't just be designing and building them for the sake of. What kind of event would be deemed applicable to use them publicly? Obviously some of the missing trillions is being diverted and spent on these. They can't all be gathering dust in some covert base?

  9. Count Rakoczy

    Happy birthday old Richard….i am only a couple of weeks younger than you haha…I just hope we are still here when the space people introduce themselves to humanity…that will be a great day indeed!….regarding them being ours,the ones sporting navigation lights are back engineered craft made by man,why would interstellar civilizations need navigation lights,they travel vast distances much faster than the speed of light..they must use some sort of gravity drive whereby they can bend space

  10. Josh Lemke

    I was thinking this morning. What if the reason those craft were watching and flying with our combat jets even on combat missions, maybe they are learning how to fight with us and not against us. That would mean something is coming. Im not trying to push this as fact, just an interesting scenario.

  11. flycatchful

    Of all the alien species visiting our planet the "Tall Whites" stand out. They use a cigar shaped craft to circumnavigate our planetary system. This craft has been seen on a regular bases by numerous airline pilots.


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