UFO Sightings Eratosthenes Crater & Ufo's Parked On The Moon?

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Infrared Asteroid Live Capture…Unidentified Aerial Phenomena on the moon…please share if you want this truth out….
Eratosthenes crater UFO was shown on the members videos but not here. Enjoy. Ufos are not easy to see…they look small from Earth but they are still there roaming around on the moon. Captured by slowing down my clear footage and analyzing everything I see moving…If ufo’s are parked on the moon this may be the only way to explain it. Take a look at this serious finding. A theory that could be very plausible. I show the proof I have and the idea I have about what we could be seeing.
Welcome Everyone….The moon has these constructed objects and we will look at some close to Bianchini crater… An area I have been working on investigating now for several years. Look for the ufo moon videos on this channel. I want to thank each and every one of you for the support that you give this channel in all the ways that you do. Thank you.

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big scope and Infrared…

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