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I cannot recall exact date that I actually observed these most unusual circles. But approx. three years ago, I walked out onto my back deck and saw two perfect circles side by side and perfect in diameter. Approx. 30 feet in diameter. I noticed that inside of these circles that all grass, veg. was burned and killed. I noticed no other disturbance other than inside of these circles themselves. I showed my husband and two children. They all had NO reason at all as to why these circles would be in the lower bottom of our yard, and I was told by them to “just forget about it”. I watched the circles over the last three years and have found that very little grass has tried to regrow, but the circles are still very pronounced! Still almost as perfect in diameter as they were at the time they first appeared. I have been trying to just “forget about it” and go on with my life but a voice inside me is telling me to report this, yet something else seems to have had me put it off as well. But there are other more important things that occured during the time that I first noticed the appearance of these circles. Not sure if the following was prior to, during, or after my noticing these circles. I was having VERY lucid dreams. Or shall I say nightmares or night terrors. I will describe two of these “night terrors” or “dreams”. 1.) I was advancing through a wormhole in space. My leg was hurting while I was having this “dream”, AND I awoke with my leg still in pain. 2.) In another “dream” during the time of noticing the circles in the back yard, I was “swept” up in an unusual but smaller “pod” (not from this world). I entered the pod alone, but felt the spirit of my youngest son with me. There were two long benches that curved the inside of this “pod” and as the pod “swept” up away from the ground, I looked down and saw the earth being destroyed. Next, I was in “space”, and I saw very bright light everywhere, very very bright light. At this same time, a man appeared sitting across from me in this “pod”. He was dressed in a white gown, and was a male with long dark blonde curly hair. He did not say a word, but I was being taken to another planet where I saw what looked like a small city..monorail like transportation. I assumed this is where I would be living. I had other “dreams” or “visions” of world ending events, and dying and feeling “at peace”. I would very often awake from these “dreams” screaming, crying, dis-oriented, and did not recognize my own surroundings. I was also struggling with high anxiety and depression. I was scared to go to sleep. These “night terrors” would debilitate me! Also for some bizarre reason, I am terrified to enter my bathroom at night, which if you look out of the blinds you can see the strange circles that were left. Since all of this has occurred, I and two members of my family have been struck with diseases similiar to Lyme. I was diagnosed with Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever. two years ago, but I also have symptoms of Lyme disease. My son was diagnosed with Lyme disease and my husband, although not diagnosed is having more severe symptoms. He spends most of the time outdoors, doing the lawnwork, etc. I would love for you guys to come and take some soil samples, and try to get to the bottom of this very odd occurrence, as I would like to have some answers as well, as to why or how these circles appeared, and if my night terrors, or what seems to be “PTSD”, is at all related to this. Your help is GREATLY appreciated! I have put this issue off long enough now. It’s time to get answers! I do not have internet at my home, as it is in a very rural location. So please contact me via phone. Thank you!

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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