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In the latest UFO news, there has been another reported sighting of a UFO that was seen whizzing past the International Space Station (ISS). In the case of this alleged UFO sighting, the UFO in question appears to be of the 1950s flying saucer variety, as captured on film. Tyler Glockner, who runs the YouTube channel SecureTeam 10, described the UFO image he saw on the video as being “disc-shaped” and noted that after it hovered for a little while it shot off extremely quickly, as the Metro reported.

“It can only be described as some sort of flying disc-like shaped UFO, that was spotted hovering in the distance behind the international space station before darting away at a very high rate of speed.”

It is Tyler Glockner’s belief that the UFO flying near the International Space Station may have observed that it was being watched and filmed, judging by its behavior.

“This is one of the most commonly seen and spoken about craft by hundreds and thousands of people over Earth, in space and above the moon. This thing moves as if it knew the camera was watching it and it was in the frame before it picks up speed before finally shrinking due to the law of perspective before blasting backwards.”

Astronaut Alexander Gerst aboard the International Space Station on October 7, 2014.Astronaut Alexander Gerst aboard the International Space Station on October 7, 2014. [Image by ESA/Getty Images]

As there have been other reported sightings of UFOs around the International Space Station, some are remaining skeptical about this latest UFO news. NASA has said in the past that what viewers are witnessing may simply be distortions in the lens rather than UFOs hovering around the ISS.

Author of the UFO Investigations Manual, Nigel Watson, appears to side with NASA on the idea that UFOs shaped like flying saucers are probably not flying around the International Space Station. Watson thinks that odd-looking objects spotted near the ISS are most likely space debris or reflections, rather than real UFOs.

“The constant ‘sightings’ of UFOs near the ISS are mainly due to reflections and space junk, and it is down to wishful thinking that images sent back from the space station are of alien craft.”

SecureTeam 10 has been extremely busy and in recent UFO news have reported on what looks like an alien tank left behind on the moon as well as a cigar-shaped UFO which appeared to many surprised people over the skies of Paris. The recently spotted UFO in Paris was judged by many to look similar to ones that were seen previously in both Australia and China, as the Inquisitr reported, and some speculated that the UFO may have been the same one.

UFO sightings like the one reported around the International Space Station have increased tremendously over the years. In fact, Fox News reports that according to the book UFO Sightings Desk Reference, in 2015 there were 11,868 reported sightings of UFOs in the United States compared with 3,478 in the year 2001. It should also be noted that SecureTeam 10’s YouTube channel has nearly 1 million subscribers, so the interest and belief in UFOs are high.

[mage by ESA/Getty Images]

The last time that there was an alleged UFO sighting around the ISS, there was speculation that perhaps aliens had figured out cloaking technology as the previous International Space Station coverage showed a UFO where what looked like a cylinder on it disappeared when approaching the ISS, as the Daily Mail reported.

On Scott C. Waring’s blog, UFO Sightings, he spoke of the last time that he witnessed what looked like a UFO around the International Space Station and said that he believed the UFO was, at least in part, partially cloaked. Waring believed this is what made it look transparent in certain areas. It is unknown what Scott thinks of the latest UFO sighting around the ISS, although UFO enthusiasts will be looking to his blog for further information.

When you watch the video of the reported UFO flying close to the International Space Station, what do you think? Do you believe it really is a UFO?

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]

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