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In 2013 or 2014 i was walking to my car to go to an a.R.E. meeting.
it was around noontime, i opened the car door and looked up as i was
preparing to get in, i saw a ufo stationary above me, next to a cloud.
it was silver, metallic, but not a polished shiney look. it had a row of black windows in the middle, straight across the craft. it was oval shaped.
when i saw it, i said softly,” i see u, i caught u, i see u”. and the next
moment it went in a straight line, into the cloud next to it. it was as if
it were hiding from me. it felt good to see it, i wasn't afraid at all.
i felt like they were monitoring me..Like they wanted me to see them . the
fact that i was going to a meeting w/ association for research and
enlightenment, that was the reason i think they were so bold. it's like
they knew where i was going. this sighting was daytime, and solid as a car.
i never said anything to anyone, maybe only a couple people. i didn't
think people would believe me, nor did i want to freak them out.
so, i made this video to show the details. i am coming forward now for
the record. also, due to other incidents, that i haven't even reported.
this was my first daytime at close sighting, so i wanted to describe the
craft and the a.R.E. meeting, i just found it interesting. anyway, as i've
said, i just wanted it out there. thankx.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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