UFO Sighting in Williston, Florida on 2021-07-02 20:30:00 – Rural florida ufo sighting 1997

In 1997, i was ten years old. we used to go and play at our friends’ house as kids often do. it was summer time, we had played all day and most of the night. they had a cattle/beef ranch out in williston, florida with tons of land to run around on. as we prepared to leave, my mother and i sat in her car. the night sky out there was big, bright, and open. crystal clear visibility. after mom had put her seat belt on, she put both hands on the steering wheel and glanced into the sky. i had already been staring into the sky, enjoying the stars. simultaneously, we both observed a glowing orb, hovering in the sky above us, i estimate it was about a mile above us. bright white and circular, it’s brightness seemed to intensify. as it brightened, a blue ‘z’ shape streaked through the sky, and the orb vanished. the blue ‘z,’ almost resembled a neon blue lightning bolt. it lingered for mere seconds… residual energy signature? my mother looked at me and said “what was that?” i replied “i have no idea, mom.” we never spoke about it. twenty four years later, i drew a sketch of the flight pattern and the orb and showed it to her. she said she remembers that night. at ten years old, i had never experienced any kind of mind altering substances whatsoever. i had no vision problems. i have issues remembering the rest of that evening, as if i lost time. i’ve studied flight patterns of ufos for over twenty years in silence, hoping to see anything even remotely similar to what i saw that night. i’ve constantly watched the skies, i’ve studied footage from every sighting i could come across. the ‘date of event’ box wouldn’t let me put 1997 in it. it said the date was invalid. this event took place sometime in july, 1997. i was in fourth grade.
i’ve never reported it, i’ve never come forward, i’ve never told my friends about it because up until recently-anyone who mentioned anything along of the lines of ufos, was ridiculed or written off or both.

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