UFO Sighting in Waterloo, Iowa on 2019-08-16 22:30:00 – I saw a craft that appeared at high altitude moving relatively slowly across the sky. it had rotating very very bright light like a lighthouse rotatio

I saw a very bright light on an object that appeared very high up. the light was a white light and as i watched it would flash very bright every few seconds. the light is what i'd describe as what a lighthouse light roaring looks like when it gets real bright when it points towards you. except it would have been moving very slowly as the brightness only happened about every 10-15 seconds i saw another aircraft from a different direction heading towards it but underneath it at much higher speed. that aircraft appeared to have only been near it by coincidence and their paths were coincidentally crossed. i don't believe the aircraft had anything to do with it. but it is important because in the video clip i provided, you see that aircraft very dimly coming from the middle left of the screen and then you see a bright flash above it which is the ufo. unfortunately i zoomed in too far on the video and lost sight of the ufo but i did observe it for another minute or so as it went into the distance and then it disappeared.

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