UFO Sighting in Warrenville, Illinois on 2020-09-15 22:15:00 – Regardless of the purplish light in the sky resembling high magnitude starlight was stationary as i first observed it

Looking up at the sky at around 10:15 p.M. in the north northeast direction i noticed what looked like a purple-ish star. i’m very fond of stargazing and this was the first time i observed this particular star so being curious i pulled out my star map and nothing was found in that general direction at that magnitude. putting down my map phone i watched it after 30 to 40 seconds it began to accelerate and travel in a northwest west direction at it high rate of speed relative to my observation. the distance was unknown so an estimate of speed cannot be obtained however it then began to change direction rapidly going from east to west to north west back stopping accelerating and then zoomed out of sight to the north or west. at first i thought it was a drone however no sound was heard and at how bright the object was and how fast it changed direction i have high doubts that a drone is capable of those maneuvers at the elevation i saw it emitting a light that bright.

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