UFO Sighting in Vilnius, Vilnius County on June 21st 2015 – Flashing lights near our house.Weeks before,saw a black helicopter.

Marvie Basilan , Christian Post Contributor

November 22, 2015|3:49 am

Scott Kelly UFOTWITTER/Scott Kelly

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s controversial photo

Scott Kelly is one of the world’s most-loved astronauts, and just recently, he took the social media world in a “UFO” ride when numerous users suggested that his November 2015 photo apparently shows an unidentified flying object.

In the photo that the NASA astronaut said was taken atop India, a cigarette-looking object with lights on both ends can be seen in the top corner. Captioned “Day 233. Once upon a #star over Southern India. #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace,” fans immediately speculated that Kelly’s post was hinting of an alien flyby.

Kelly is the only astronaut who broke the U.S. record for staying in the International Space Station for the longest time and he is known for the photos he takes from inside the ISS on his Twitter account.

While many of his followers usually don’t do “alien talk” on his photos, the recent photo that he shared took the attention of alien hunters, with some saying the strange object was definitely proof that there is life outside Earth.

Scott Waring from the UFO Sightings Daily described the object as if Kelly may be giving hints of alien life. “This one however has a cigar shaped glowing UFO with a metallic body in it. The UFO is about 25 meters long and 150-200 meters away. It looks like Scott was trying to hint at the existence of aliens,” Waring wrote.

Multiple outlets, including the Orlando Sentinel, have slammed the rumors that the object Kelly captured was an alien space craft. The outlet said the UFO that alien hunters said it was is “99.9 percent” a reflection of the space station from Kelly’s camera from inside the glass window.

While conspiracy theorists refuse to believe that the “object” was just a reflection of the ISS, many Twitter users also noticed the beauty of Kelly’s shot, instead of focusing on the strange light.

There have been numerous accounts, images, and stories of UFO sightings, but while some of the world rests on the possibility that Kelly captured the flyby of an alien craft, many others are simply gazing at the spectacular shimmering lights from Southern India’s night life.

Check out the original source here.

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