UFO Sighting in Verner, Ontario on 2021-09-19 15:40:00 – 3 tic tacs

Kayaking on veuve river when my wife noticed glowing object that appeared from the east in front of us.
it passed almost over us and it had the form of a tick tack. when looking at it head on, it had a round shape but as they turned, we could see a cylindrical shape my wife mentioned that it had small wing like protrusions which i also noticed but was hesitant to mention to her. when behind us it veered slowly to south west and appeared bigger. we looked ahead and another on was approaching from the same direction. this one appeared smaller and turned to the north. looking again to the east, another one came over of the same size and also turned north but then hovered and slowly proceeded east. wind was medium from the east, skies were clear. no sound was detected during the sightings. we saw some jet airliners in the sky that afternoon and there was noise, they left a trail and we could clearly see the shape of a plane.. i thought about taking video and pictures of the last one with my iphone but as you all know, iphone are not the best especially on a river kayaking.. i took a while to realize that we just couldn’t understand what we were seeing. we were expecting some sound or familiar features but nothing of the sort. we came to the conclusion that it was ufos until somebody tells us otherwise,

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