UFO Sighting in Tyler, Texas on 2020-10-15 19:09:00 – Strange lights seen on tx-31 near tyler.

I was driving on tx-31, heading toward tyler, tx, and right as the sun started to set, i saw strange lights passing across the sky. it happened several times – at first, i thought it could be a spotlight, but i’ve driven down this road many times, and i’ve never seen this kind of light in the area (and it didn’t realistically look like any spotlight i’ve ever seen). as the light kept passing across the sky, i paid closer attention, and it really seemed to appear and disappear at random. there was no fixed point. the light didn’t start and stop in the same place every time. i looked as if a light appears and shines against the cloud cover, and flies a fairly straight-line path from the naked eye. i watched this light appear in irregular intervals for approximately 10 minutes before i finally tried to catch it on camera. i have circled in red where to see the lights in the videos – any other lights seen are glares on my windshield. i consistently saw the lights for about 5 miles, and once i turned onto s se loop 323 i didn’t see it again. approximately an hour and a half later, i was with a friend, and we both saw the lights again at the far end of s broadway near the cumberland park shopping center. neither of us have ever seen this kind of light in the tyler area and it was unlike any light we have ever seen.

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