UFO Sighting in Tomball, Texas on 2020-10-30 02:25:00 – Saw some lights rising in the distance. went inside to get someone and when we came out it was slowly moving above the house.

I was hanging out on my friends balcony at about 2:30 in the morning. she was staying up late in her living room to do homework and i just thought it was a nice night to be outside. about ten minutes in to me being outside i look to my right and i see some lights blinking behind the wooded area next to her place. there looked to be about four larger lights and they were just kind of blinking randomly from what i could tell. as i’m watching i notice the lights slowly elevating to about the tops of the trees, relative to how i was seeing them. i started recording when i noticed this was not like anything i’d ever seen. it was definitely setting off alarms in my head so i ran into the house to get my friend after about 30 seconds of recording so she could verify what i was seeing. i was inside for about 10 seconds trying to rush her outside. when we both came back out onto her balcony it was way closer than before and looked quite large. i could see the lights which looked to be a part of the front of the craft but the body of the craft almost seemed blurry like we couldn’t quite make out what it really looked like. but we could tell it was large and that it was right above the house. close enough that i knew this wasn’t anything i’d ever seen in the sky before and especially since it was so close and didn’t seem to be making any noise. it was moving quite slow but from the time we ran back outside to the time it flew above the roof (where we couldn’t see) was about 8 seconds. we didn’t record when it was close because i was more concerned with her seeing it. i regret not keeping my phone rolling the whole time, but i was just so in shock of how close it was when we came back out. it honestly disturbed me. we were practically leaning over her balcony just trying to get the best look at it. i wasn’t looking at her but i knew that we both were completely in shock of what we were seeing. after it disappeared over the house we paused for a moment and just looked at each other like wtf. i knew it was flying pretty slow over the house. so we ran downstairs to the other side of the house and by then it was about 500 ft in the distance and just slowly moving in the same direction towards the sunset. i knew at that point w the lights facing away my phone camera definitely wouldn’t be able to pick that up, so we just watched it move into the distance until it was a small dot and then we went back inside. afterwards we sat on her couch in shock of what we had just seen. we went through the event together and knew that that was a plane or a helicopter or a weather balloon. that was something that we didn’t have the knowledge to explain other than calling it a ufo. i still am a bit haunted by this experience. i have attached the original video i took as well as the video i tried to brighten so it was clearer to see my surroundings. but i wasn’t very good at making the video clearer and what i was seeing as multiple lights looks like one spot in the video.

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