UFO Sighting in Tillamook, Oregon on 2020-07-30 22:02:00 – Object/light came from se heading ne turning e then se

Again i believe this is the same object i’ve seen the last two nights. it hovers through the sky without a sound at a somewhat slow steady pace. just looking with the eye, it looks like an orange colored light. like an old incandescent light bulb floating through the air. a few differences from my previous accounts, it had more of a profound “jump/skip ahead” at times as it traveled. in a few pics this was caught. it looks like a blurred picture, but in fact the object quickly jumped forward leaving what looks like a blurred trail. there also looks to be a blueish color on top and greenish color on bottom with hints of other colors. pretty much what i’ve seen the last two nights. again i will post a few pics in the order i started to take them.

Read more & see it on a MAP

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