UFO Sighting in Sunflower, Arizona on 2020-08-29 21:00:00 – Witnessed a very bright, candle-like orb in the sky, with 2 smaller orbs coming out and circling original orb

Was driving on the sr 87 highway towards fountain hills at about 9pm coming from payson. there were no airplanes or helicopters, etc. in the sky. no visible houses off the highway or traffic lights that reflected into the sky. sky was cloudy but no major stars visible from the ground. i was driving by myself but there were about 5-6 other cars around me driving as well. all of the sudden i see a big, very bright orb (color reminded me of a candle flame or the sun) appear hovering in the sky at about a 45-55 degree angle above me. it was so bright (not transparent) it was impossible to ignore or miss. about 2-3 seconds go by and a smaller sized orb (same color) comes out of the big orb, it orbits around the big orb (like how the moon orbits or moves around the earth) once and goes back into the big orb and disappears. then a second smaller orb, the same size and color as the previous one, comes out of the big orb and does the same orbit move around the big orb, then goes back into the big orb and disappears. then the big orb just disappears entirely and leaves no trace behind. never saw it again. the entire sighting lasted about 7 seconds. as i was watching it happen i was in shock and completely mesmerized, i was looking at it for the entire duration and not the road. after it disappeared, i became very scared and got goosebumps. i’m sure those other drivers saw it as well, as i said it was impossible to ignore. i have never seen anything like that in my life. it was too big and bright (solid light) to be a plane or helicopter. also the movements of the smaller orbs seemed very fluid, circular, and consistent in speed. i believe it’s impossible for a man-made aircraft to move the way it did. also the way the smaller orbs came out of the big orb seemed very strange as well. definitely not something man-made.

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