UFO Sighting in Southwick, Massachusetts on 2020-04-27 06:30:00 – Entered my kitchen at 630 am.

This report was filed and submitted at mufon hq (from a paper sighting report sent in to hq), by the field investigator on 05/21/2020. drawing is attached.
1 kitchen
2 distinct white objects
3 unusual
4 entered my kitchen at 630 am. heard activity across street and casually looked out window. noticed to white objects hovering approximately 2 feet off tground and 2 feet apart.
focused on closest, first impression was of a porcelain white christmas tree bulb. objects immediately performed a left hand 180 degree turn and ascended from 2 feet to approx. 14 to 16 feet over a distance of approx. 50 feet until ot of sight. upon initiating the original turn the second object fell in behind the first at a spread of 1 foot tailing behind bt 2 foot.
within first 4 job geet.

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