UFO Sighting in Skagway, Alaska on 2019-06-17 14:54:00 – Object in the sky above the montains

While on vacation in skagway (june 2019), alaska we took the train ride that goes into canada and turns around to return back to skagway. while on the return trip i was taking photos with my cellphone, samsung 8. the photos were taken through an open window of the scenery with no obstructions. after taking the pictures i would look at them. in one particular picture i noticed a silver gray object in the sky above the mountains. i looked out of the window and could not locate the object i accidentally took a picture of. i zoomed in on the picture and the silver gray object did not look like any aircraft i had ever seen. maybe it's just an odd angle of an airplane, but i can't be positive. anyway, i thought i would send this in to mufon in case there is are or were any other weird sightings in this area. i have never reported anything like this before. as a military brat and retired law enforcement officer it would not have been in my best interest. thanks for taking a look at it.

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