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UFO Sighting in Several Chinese Cities Sparks Some Bizarre ...

A lot of people from several Chinese cities have claimed seeing a UFO in the form of a light spiral during the night of May 23.

The unusual sighting caused various reactions from the Chinese people as reported by the Express.   

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Hu Yin, one of the observers interviewed, recalled the sighting.  He said that a lot of them simply look at the night sky as the phenomenon unfolded.

Even the Chinese online communities are arguing among themselves about what they actually saw. A Zhejiang online user claimed that the Chinese government is behind it while one from Xian said that it is a ‘kite”.

The Daily Mail reports that many of those who saw the sight believe that it may have come from a rocket’s smoke trail although the photos are inconclusive, according to experts. Some argue that the photos suggest that the trail may have come from an anti-missile rocket.

Most of the UFO sightings in the country have occurred in the northern part of China.  Many of those who witnessed this unusual image in the sky were able to take photographs which promptly spread online.

People in the province of Shaanxi and the autonomous regions of Ningxia Hui and Inner Mongolia have allegedly admitted to seeing a spiral of light.

Rumors have circulated that the UFO might be a weapons test conducted by the Chinese government or even a space shuttle launch. But experts agree that it isn’t a meteor.  

People’s Daily Online reported the Civil Aviation Authority through its news outlet claimed that that spiral of light was caused by an unknown rocket launch.

So far, authorities have not made any official statement with regards to the night sighting.

Hui, who is an astrologer, explained that such sightings are not that rare.  He said these spirals of light are usually seen with tails that are straight, with a little curve or even with a curly tail.   

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