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SEGUIN-Case #70762. It’s Wednesday, 7:30 am. Seguin, Texas.

to the UFO reporting website, mufon.com, an anonymous Seguin woman was
sipping her coffee on the porch, when she saw something out of this

With the sun slowly rising, she sees at first what she
describes as a “weird” cloud. But then the cloud moves, and flattens out
like a disk.

So what could it be?

Inside Davilas, a
Seguin barbecue institution, they’ve seen the photos, and got their own
theories, like Chris Gutierrez, “ummm well it looks like it could be
something in the distance.”

Geremina Davila has a little more refined answer, “a cloud or something.” But it’s definitely not a UFO, she says.

Across the restaurant, Violet Tindle agrees, “I have no idea, but it’s not a UFO.”

woman who took the photos said she did, because she didn’t think
anybody would believe her. Thankfully she did because seeing is
believing for Christian.

Our interaction went something like this:
Christian: I think that’s 100% an alien.
Andrew: really?
Christian: oh yeah.
Andrew: why?
Christian: because look at it it’s such an alien come on now.
Andrew: you’ve got the Star Wars shirt on.
Christian: you know it.”

Sarah Dozier’s *pretty* confident, “I think it could be a cloud but it could be a UFO. I believe they’re out there.”

police say their dispatch was all quiet on the UFO front on Wednesday.
Sgt. James Sprinter says there’s no need to worry, “Not as far as I am
concerned. I’ve been here for 25 years and I’ve never seen one.

life or just a weird cloud, we know this much: “We’re not really sure
what she saw, but if they come in wanting some BBQ, we’re here to serve
you,” says Adrian Davila, manager of Davilas.

Here’s to the next mystery sighting in Seguin.UFO sighting in Seguin

Check out the original source here.

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