UFO Sighting in Secaucus, New Jersey on 2010-12-13 21:01:00 – Read below

I’m writing about a past event because the event has stuck with my memory for 15 years. i would really like to know what i saw in the blank sky that night. i’m sorry if i am wasting your time due to it not being a present day event. if you could just please tell me what i saw. which is, i was walking home from buying a pack of cigarettes. when i was startled by an orb in the night sky. the orb was growing and pulsating. the orb has five or more colours. it changed colours rapidly in less than one second. so i had to stay and look at it a lot to make an understanding of what colours it were. i saw green, red, yellow, stark white, and even dark too. it startled me the most due to the size of it growing and shrinking. i also observed the rest of the sky to try to compare, but nothing in the sky i could witness or match to the strange orb. it stayed there and it was making fast/hard pulsations multiple colours in one second. i didn’t like it because i could not understand what i saw. so please contact me. i would like to understand what i saw.

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