UFO Sighting in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 1st 2007 – I saw two UFOs flying in and out of the clouds. They were just zipping around, up, down, sideways.


I Quincy Whyte age 36 and my son Zavien age 12 had an amazing UFO encounter. It was today September 14th 2015 at approximately 3:44 pm. We were on our way back from my sons school, on my bike riding up our street which is West 95th street in Cleveland Ohio. I noticed in the NE sky there was an odd looking object in the sky. My best description would be like a cigar shaped with both ends being white and the center black. It was moving slowly towards the SE. While watching it a jet plane went by on its path to land at our nearby airport. We stopped in our neighbors front yard/ driveway. When the object got to SE sky in our viewing site, out of nowhere a disc shaped object flew in from the eastern direction towards the white object and banked at bout almost 90 degrees and basically went back in the direction that the white object originally came from (NE) at the same time another jet was coming in to prepare to land, the disc made another almost 90 degree bank and within a blink of an eye was outta site. I feel that both objects had to big pretty big like 100 plus feet. As soon as I ran in the house I made a quick drawing and tried to draw a pic of flight paths based on what I saw. I then thought of MUFON and wanted to let you guys know what we say today. If you investigate this and find out any new information please let me know by calling or email me please. Also neither object made any noise.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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