UFO Sighting in Santa Cruz, California on April 4th 2015 – It was A GIANT cheveron or triangle. A single light in front and three lights down each side on bottom. it was solid, blocking out the stars behind it


My roommate and I went outside on April 4th at approximatly 5:10am (pacific) to look at the eclipse. After roughly 2 min. I directed my roomates attention just left of the eclipsed moon, pointing out Saturn. Just as I did, we witnessed a giant cheveron or triangle shaped ufo with lights on the underside of the edges flying silently over our heads north toward San Francisco. I could see that it was massive enough to block out the stars behind it. It was moving at an alarming rate of speed and moved out of view quickly. Im convinced that it was only because of the lack of moonlight due to the eclipse that made it possible for us to see it as well as we did. As I was watching it I immediately thought of the description witnesses gave in the Phoenix lights case. I have seen multiple ufo’s around and over Monterey Bay but this was by far the most surreal sighting I’ve had yet.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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