UFO Sighting in Santa Clarita, California on February 20th 2014 – large metal object. close to ground. quiet.


I live over by lake Elizabeth & there are plenty of rumors about it being a “UFO hot spot” back in the day.
One night i was pulling into the complex where i live & my boyfriend was driving. I noticed a very large “star’ in the sky at first & it started moving. i looked up & there was a huge piece of metal with 2 rows of orange lights on the underneath of it with one blinking light. i knew it wasn’t a plane because of just how low and somewhat slow it was moving, also it was moving in a straight line. Me and my boyfriend followed it all the way to my house until he dropped me off. He continued to follow it, but, in the opposite direction it was originally traveling in. He said that he came around the mountain & it just disappeared.
After it happened, its almost as if it was a dream & it was so hard to remember. So i came inside & immediately drew a picture of the UFO.
It was the most surreal moment of my life.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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