UFO Sighting in Sandusky, Ohio on 2021-10-21 06:45:00 – Stationary light above cloud.

On 21 october 2021, between the hours of 6:30 to 6:45 am, i observed a stationary bright light above a cloud formation. i had been driving for my job since 5:30 am that morning and had observed lightning, and a full moon, off to the west during this drive time. i first noticed the light as i approached from the east to west, near the junction of route 2 and route 101. having grown up in the area and driving the same route ever morning, i am familiar with all of the communication towers in the area. none have a solid, bright white light.
the light was just above the cloud formation and i could observe the lightning flashes behind the cloud. i eliminated any aircraft landing lights as there were no red or green running lights visible. also the wind was out of a west, – east direction. there are no smaller local airports in that area, with the exception being toledo and cleveland, which are larger and fifty miles away. the light remained stationary.
when i drove back through that area at 7:00 am no light could be seen.I made sure to make any observations during the drive the next morning on 22 oct. 2021. the sky was clear with no cloud cover and a full moon was visible. i also eliminated any reflections from any other vehicles lights on the windows. the direction was about 270 degrees magnetic and about 60 degrees elevation from my location of observation.

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