UFO Sighting in Saint Cloud, Florida on October 31st 2012 – I believe that I was abducted and implanted with a foreign body


I am fascinated with ufo’s, so one day I decided to go outside at night and look at the stars. I was in Gary Indiana, it was summer and hot. I set on a plat form outside until the mosquitoes started getting to me. So I asked my sister for the keys to her car and she gave them to me. I then got behind the driver seat, because to my right was a big tree I couldn’t see over it in the car but I could see behind me, in front of me, and to my left. I played games on my phone so I wouldn’t look crazy just sitting in the car looking up but I kept looking up. After about and hour I got bored lit a cigarette and opened the car door. I had stop playing my phone because I wanted too spot the mosquitoes I didn’t want them in the car when I shut the door, but close to the end of my cigarette I saw a shadow move in front of me then back quickly. I looked up
quickly and saw this triangular, disc like, unrealistic black type of material, with one red light, one green light, and a blue light one for each edge of the ship. As soon as I saw it I instantly got terrified for no reason though. I looked at it and then I panic and backed back into the car quickly hoping it didn’t see me praying to myself like please God don’t let it take me. All of a sudden I got calm because I wanted to see it that’s why I was out there but when I got out the car it was down the road by the railroad tracks I looked at hoping it comes back but also hoping I don’t get scared then it started flying away from slow to so fast I couldn’t see it. And I remember going back in the house walking back and forth trying to figure out what happened and what it was and how it did all that stuff and we’re it came from and what did it want and did it
take me and will it come back. So my sister told me to calm down its not real even if it is just forget it ever happened took her keys and went in the room. Which I did but a couple nights later I had
a dream that brought me here. I had a dream that when i backed back into the car I was lifted in the air by this strange energy that felt like had me and I could get away but it didn’t hurt but before I knew that I was screaming but it was like it was for no reason because no one did anything no one came out or nothing that’s when I noticed it didn’t hurt so I calmed down I don’t know how long it took me to get up in the ship but I remember being ok on the ship but they were doing something to me I don’t know what or who I felt sedated and whined up opening my eyes quickly remembering were I was and hearing them say something but because I knew I was out numbered out smarted and weak at the time I felt like my best bet was to treat them like friends an pray for her best so I asked them to fix my back I have (sluklyosous)[sorry I can’t spell it hope you can pronounce it] and one of them told me he wouldn’t and to kill me I might have been woke the whole time and then I woke up. I am telling you this because I fill like I know something I shouldn’t. Something that is smart and complex but
also simple. And doesn’t belong in the wrong hands and I don’t know who to talk to about it?

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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