UFO Sighting in Safe, Missouri on 2013-09-16 10:04:00 – Invisible, sky blue with tiny white lights

On sept. 2013 i was having coffee on my front porch about 10am, when i heard a loud noise that sounded like a run away diesel engine, it was about 3/4 mile away coming my way. nice clear day no wind or clouds. noise was about 200 ft. in the air. the noise came within 200 ft. of my house at about 30ft, in the air. still making that diesel engine noise, doing about 5 mph. right before it hit the power line it made a sharp right turn, and hit a big red oak tree about half way up, the limbs bent over in one direction, it sit on the tree about 2 minutes making the same noise, top of the tree looked shy blue with tiny white lights. the treeline in the back ground had a notch that was sky blue. the noise stopped the limbs came up, i did not see any damage to the tree”

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