UFO Sighting in Ruth, Nevada on 1989-09-15 03:00:00 – Dream-like state. he communicated telepathically. placed device.To my head. info downloaded rapidly. blissful feeling. then not. ufo sped off.

Driving across the middle of nevada on u.S. highway 50 in september 1989, about 10 miles west of ruth nevada, we stopped for the night and pulled off the road onto a barely discernable dirt road. i drove the van a short distance on the road, just far enough so that we couldn’t be viewed from the highway or be bothered by the lights and sounds of any passing vehicles. we rolled back the front seats and went to sleep.

i had a “dream”. a human sized alien male with pale green skin and long, dark hair appeared in my dream. he wore a headband with what looked like two purple-ish feathers pointing straight up from the back of his headband. he telepathically told me that he was from a race of alien beings living deep in the amazon jungle where they had a base.
he then pointed a metallic, pewter-colored, donut-shaped piece of technology, with a perfectly clear deep-colored amethyst crystal projecting from one of the sides of the device. i’ve since come to know that the “donut shape” is called a torus. the torus was about 14 or 15 inches in diameter and about 4 or 5 inches thick. the amethyst was about 5 or 6 inches long and about 2 inches wide. it was perfectly shaped. the torus also had thin (but not sharp), raised (1/2 inch high) metal blades of varying lengths running at random perpendicular angles to one another but none of them touching any of the others. i’ve done my best to depict this apparatus in the three attachments i’ve included below. while not a perfect representation of the 3-dimentional blades, i believe it is sufficient.
the entity, while holding the torus with both hands, touched the pointed tip of the crystal to the right temple of my head. my brain was immediately and with extreme computer-like speed filling up with all the knowledge of the entire universe! i had an “ah-ha!!!” moment where i knew that i knew everything there was to know and i didn’t even know what it was i knew! most amazingly (to me at least) was this feeling of bliss and peacefulness that accompanied this information download! the information kept coming and i felt overwhelmed by the sheer speed and seemingly endless volume of information. it was extreme information overload and i had to use my hand to push the object away from my head. then i “woke up”.
since it was a very warm desert night we had the windows rolled down in the van. my partner was asleep in the passenger seat and i was in the driver’s seat. without getting out of the van, i looked up at the vast array of beautiful stars. incredible really! with absolutely no human lights anywhere to interfere it was simply beautiful beyond words! i gazed almost directly straight up above me and noticed what i thought were the three stars that form the constellation orion’s belt. then it occurred to me that orion was a winter constellation and not a summer constellation. the instant i had that thought, the middle “star” of the belt ascended into space in a straight line like a meteor. gone!
although i’ve had 4 other ufo events in my life, this remains the most intense for me. i remember the clarity and detail so strongly as if it happened just yesterday. the blissful feeling especially. by the way, i was not using drugs or alcohol. this happened!

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