UFO Sighting in Rocky Point, North Carolina on June 26th 2015 – Big and round and it was a shape of circle moving slow then went super fast with one orb behind it


4 spheres traveled in a perfect square formation from west to east at the base of the clouds. The upper two occasionally were obscured by the clouds they traveled past/through. all four traveled faster than the clouds. No sound.
I was on the roof of the Free Methodist Church, Guadalupe, Cebu City (singson road). This roof area has a washing machine and sink, and a large open area, and a smaller roofed area, otherwise open. I was playing with the dogs when I noticed the objects. The square formation was striking. it was a perfect square. The formation held and I called it to the attention of my friend Linda.
The fours spheres appeared dark. They were backlit by bright clouds however. At closest approach, there was some wobble in the formation, with the upper spheres falling behind or getting ahead a bit. As if the whole formation were propelled by a wind. However, they traveled much faster than the clouds they passed through.
My feelings were mostly curiosity. I wanted to get my phone to take a pic, but it was downstairs charging. I also knew if I left to get the phone, the spheres would be gone by the time I got back. The spheres traveled east toward the mountains until they were too small to see.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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