UFO Sighting in Rockville, Utah on 2019-08-08 23:35:00 – Unexplained light utah desert

August 8th, 2018, casey harper and michael estep witnessed an unexplainable orb of orange/yellow light move erratically across the sky. the weather was clear, no cloud cover, little to no wind. “on the 3rd night of a camping/hiking trip i witnessed what appeared to be a bright star in the western sky. as i continued to watch this light it appear to be moving in relationship to the stars around it. i remember viewing the big dipper and at first believing i was just looking at one of its star until it moved “past� another star. as it moved across the sky and got closer to where we were camping it appeared to get faster. after it had moved from the horizon to approximately 40 percent across the sky i brought it to the attention of my friend. he confirmed what i was seeing. then as it got over where we were at it changed it’s flight pattern from a reliable straight line with relative constant velocity to slowing and stoping while moving in figure 8 shapes. after a few moments it began to head off in a south to south east direction, different from its original trajectory. as it began to head away from us a plane flew in its flight path and the object stopped and waited for the plane to cross its path then it continued off until it was too fair to be visible anymore. the object had no flashing lights as found on a plane, and moved in an impossible flight path for a plane, it emitted no sound, as the planes and choppers we had seen had, it moved too slowing across the sky to be a satellite, it flew in a pattern impossible for a satellites as well. it seemed to fly with intelligence and decision making. i concede it could have been a weather ballon, however, there was no wind. finally it could have been a drone but the object flew approximately 50 miles based on assumed altitude and distance across the sky it traveled. in fairness to all transparency we were drinking alcohol. we’ve have had several hiking trips where we drink in the evening and star gaze and to this day i have seen 1000s of planes/drones/helicopters/shooting stars/satellites etc and i have yet to see anything like this object.

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