UFO Sighting in Rio Rancho, New Mexico on 2019-07-10 15:45:00 – Mostly small silver orbs with a thick rim around the center and also several diamond shaped ones.

It was around 3:20 in the afternoon when i went to change in the bedroom and opened the curtain to let in more light. as soon as i did this i noticed numerous flashing objects hovering low in the sky. they flashed very brightly like a firecracker. i called my wife in to observe what had just caught my attention and she immediately noticed them as well. there were about 8 or 10 objects very close together at first. they appeared to be silver, diamond shaped objects with several orb shaped objects hovering around the outer edge of the group. the orbs had a slight but thick band around the center and spread out as they moved. one of the diamond shaped objects appeared to have a translucent "string-like" object attached to another object my wife noticed about 3 of them with what appeared to her to be "strings". i pointed out a jet flying very high above them as they moving upwards while flashing at each other. we then decided to go outside and try to video the objects with my phone but they were not visible on the screen. i then called bernalello county sheriff's department to report the sighting but was redirected to sandoval county sheriff's department since i was in rio rancho and not albuquerque, new mexico. i explained to dispatch that i was not sure how to report this but that there were numerous silver objects that were flashing at each other. dispatch asked if i would like a police officer to come by and agreed so that at least there would be a report. she took my name and phone number. my mother-in-law then stepped out on the porch and observed the objects and said that she did see them but just blew it off as nothing. i observed one flashed a red light only once and my wife and i both observed one that streaked very quickly from one side to the other. we then decided to go out front and see if we could see them out there while we waited for the police. sandoval county dispatch then called me back and let me know that several other people had called in about the objects and they were sending someone one out. when the police arrived most of them had spread out and slowly moved higher but about 4 of them were very visible and still flashing. we asked if they had a pair binoculars with them and they said no. one of the two police officers blew it off by declaring it mylar fragments from a weather balloon and then they left.

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