UFO Sighting in Redlands, California on 2020-05-12 20:30:00 – Disk like object appeared from the sounth.

The ufo appeared from the south where it shot up into the sky. it abruptly stopped. it then headed our direction but with varying speeds and directional changes. it would shoot forward at blazing speeds (that no man made craft has ever gone that fast), only to stop (a dead stop. immediate) and hover for a second before going in a different flight pattern. it was going in a ton of interesting directions. when it got closer to us, it hovered just about 500 feet from where we were standing. a sense of “calm” washed over us. in both of our heads we said, “we are about to be taken.” there was no fear or panic. our bodies felt weightless. it was a sense of peace in mind and body that we felt. when people that were near to us pulled out their phones, the ship stopped and flew back in the direction it came. it was when it got back to the area it “originated from” that it disappeared. a few seconds later we saw a fast moving airplane (not nearly going the speeds the ship was going) came. we are not sure if it knew that it was being watched from the sky? or if the caught on camera made it turn back. when it went down in what we thought was the end, it hen shot back up and went to a brilliant red color. it would then pulse into what was the most amazing and bright white light i have ever seen. it was far brighter than lightning and there is no man made light that is equivalent to it’s brightness. the lights pulsed, but never blinked out completely.

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