UFO Sighting in Rayne, Louisiana on June 30th 1974 – Hovering with changing colored lights; White light as it flew East; Stopped & returned to changing colored light; White again as it continued east


Myself and a friend were driving one evening in a rural area NE of Rayne, LA. We were at a stop sign on Charlie Arceneaux Rd (present day name) at Hwy 98 (Grand Prairie Road) facing in a southerly direction. We were on an upgrade at this point, so when we first noticed the light we could see it about 2/3’s up through the windshield. It appeared to be changing colors from red to yellow to green to blue in a sort of rotating repetitive fashion. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it before. We are both science minded and after a brief discussion about what it could be, I suggested that it might be something like a super nova whose light was just reaching us now. That seemed as reasonable as anything else we could come up with so we continued driving.

A short while later, we found ourselves headed south on Ebenezer Road (which is SW of Rayne) and noticed that the light was still there. We stopped and were trying to decide if it was still in the same general direction from where we first saw the light(s). As we were talking, the object turned into a brilliant bright white light and suddenly took off in a easterly direction. My friend wanted to stay stopped and watch, but, knowing the area and that there was a eastbound gravel road (Theriot Road) just ahead of us, I chose to chase it instead. I was traveling in excess of 70 mph down this gravel road, but the object was getting way ahead of us. It appeared to have passed a treeline about 3 or 4 miles from where the chase began, stopped again and went back to rotating the red-yellow-green-blue lights.

When we reached the stop sign at Hwy 35 (Abbeville Hwy) and started watching it again. Right after we stopped, we observed a bright white light about 7 or 8 inches wide come down just to the right of my vehicle. I noticed it first at a slightly higher level and told my friend to look. He saw able to see it as it went past the passenger window. It wasn’t like a continuous beam or anything like that. It had a beginning and an end, but disappeared after leaving a short trailing tail and then completely after we assume it made contact with the ground. We did not see any hole or scorch marks on the ground where it seemed to make contact. There was no noise at any point of this experience. With the size of the light, and how close it would have been if it had been a helicopter, we would have definitely heard the noise. There was nothing but silence.

We had a friend that lived further south down Hwy 35, so we decided to go back to my home (in the opposite direction), pick up my small telescope and go out to our friend’s home. It was only a 90 power scope, but we didn’t know what else to do. Although we were a mile or two further south when we arrived at our friend’s home, the light was still due east of our location. I focused my telescope on the object, but what I saw was simply a round solid orb. But, with such a low power scope, it could not really focus in on the object leaving me to believe that it was much further away than it looked. The funny thing was that as soon as my friend took his turn to look through the scope, he told me that it wasn’t there. As we looked up the object had returned to the bright white light and had taken off again in a easterly direction. At this point two our friends also saw the change in color and the object moving away.

Although I can not verify this story, later in the week, another friend told us that he had seen the same light(s) from Abbeville, LA., a town about 30 miles away from our sighting. He further commented that he had called a local airport and was told that they had nothing on radar in that area. My hesitation to believe his story is that he could have easily been told what we had seen by our other friends at the house and may have simply decided to add his own story to it.

Anyway, I have no clue on what we saw. The whole thing just didn’t make sense for the times. We have no pictures or videos as this occurred over 40 years ago. My reason for speaking up now is that I’m getting up in age and the event has stayed with me all these years. It changed my beliefs on what is really out there.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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