UFO Sighting in Quitman, Texas – Woke to brilliant light

I live in quitman,tx on a small farm, i was awakened about 0030hrs on 6 sep 2019 by the sounds of coyotes outside my house(south side). the coyotes were howling,barking, crying, i laid in bed and listened to them when a brilliant white light shone into the south side windows of the house. there are no roads south of the house, just pasture lands and woods. i looked to the south side and saw this brilliant light shining in the windows, a quick glance to the north windows showed no lights. i arose from the bed and pulled the curtain back and there was blinding light that lasted for maybe 5-6 seconds. the light was so bright i could not ascertain where it was emitting from from. the second the lights came on the coyotes stopped calling, my dachshund was on the bed shivering.As i said i could not see anything due to the brightness of the light. a check of the property the next morning did not reveal anything out of the ordinary …

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