UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 2020-11-27 17:55:00 – Glowing orange pulsates very slowly, no red, blue, white navigation lights

Out for walk, saw bright light in sky i thought was mars but surprised to see it in the west. thought maybe it was stationary but then noticed was slowly headed north after it grew bright then dimmed almost invisible. seemed like 2-3 minutes later it grew bright oranges red again and then dimmed near invisible. continued north, then disappeared completely. had no blinking lights of any color, no sound, though very high seeming. thought if it was headlight headed in my direction then wouldn’t be able to continue north on same path then dim and then flash again and dim again all in same straight path north.
looked for it in the first place hoping to see ufo after practicing ce5 protocol; it was over landmark i visualized; mt. tabor. kinda felt it was waiting there?

Read more & see it on a MAP

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