UFO Sighting in Port Allen, Louisiana on 2017-03-18 05:35:00 – Round stereo typical looking saucer. individual lights all around. made many directional changes at high speed and slow speeds.


march 16, 2017

to mufon,

i tried to submit my story a little earlier today. but i accidently clicked a wrong button on my computer, then tried to click back to this page to submit my story. when i clicked back to this page my story wasn't there. i don't know if you got my story the first time i tried to submit it. i am typing sending my story again.
i have for years wanted to tell my story,but didn't know where to. i lived with my father, mother, two brothers, and sister in kansas city, kansas where i grew up. my mothers parents and relatives lived in and around boonville and pilot grove, missouri. we often went there. i loved going there to the country, to get out of the city, a big city kansas city, kansas. my mother often left me there with different relatives of hers. i didn't mind at all. i wished we lived in boonville.
it was about 1965 give or take a year. i was about eight more or less. my mother left me at her aunt and uncles in boonville. her aunt and uncle had a house and gas station on about six to ten acres in boonville, missouri. my grandmother, my mothers mother, had a trailer house on my mothers aunt and uncles place, and my mothers aunt and uncles daughter and her husband also had a trailer house on this place. again it was about 1965 and i was about eight years old. i stayed with my grandmother in her trailer house about a week.
i caught a baby cottontail rabbit. not having a cage i found a large piece of screen wire i shaped , and i put the screen wire over the rabbit under my grandmothers trailer house. when i came back, the rabbit was gone had gotten away. a day or two later my dad said at the farm behind the place (behind my mothers aunt and uncles place) there was a lot of rabbits under a brush pile. i don't know why my father was at that farm or how he seemed to know i wanted a rabbit.
any way the next day i woke up everyone was gone. i decided to go to the farm out back to try to catch another rabbit. the rabbit that got away i caught in my grandmothers yard, not at that farm. i walked back past my mothers aunt and uncles house, and back past a large old garage. sometimes there was men seemingly working in that old garage. i don't know if they were working on cars or what. they never paid any mind to me. then i walked across a gravel road to the farm, a pasture. the farm house was a ways away to my left. right away i saw two baby rabbits. i walked toward them and they went in the brush pile, dried sticks and dried brush. i looked into the brushpile couldn't see the rabbits. but, a ways in front of me i saw a small barn with a wooden fence and about five black minature goats. i went and petted the goats. then to the left of me in the pasture i saw about five sheep. i wanted to pet the sheep. i'd get within about fifthteen feet of the sheep and they'd run away. i stopped. they stopped. i tried again to walk toward them. they run off. i stopped. then i saw a barb wire fence and a cow. to think i wandered around farms without permission of the owner. i was just a kid then. beyond the barb wire fence was woods. i walked over to the barb wire fence. the cow was standing by the fence about thirty feet to my right. i wanted to go over the fence into the woods. i grew up little up in woods in missouri, and we hunted morel mushrooms in woods from missouri to kansas. i was good at going over, under and through barb wire fences. i liked the outdoors. the trees and brush were thick. i could see about fifthteen to twenty feet into the woods, and see the woods sloped down. but, something wouldn't let me go over the barb wire fence. something told me not to. this wasn't like me. so i stood there a few minutes by the fence. all of a sudden birds in a tree to the left of me startled took off flew away fast. then next the cow about thirty feet to the right of me suddenly startled took off running away. i was a bit concerned, but i also knew animals can startle over any little thing. then i heard a humming noise coming out of the woods. a smooth constant humming noise. i stood there listened to it for about fifthteen seconds. my first thought in the first few second, my mind trying to figure out what i was hearing, was it was a truck on a highway. then i thought no, it was in the woods there, any road would be farther away. besides it didn't sound like a truck any way. then i felt scared, thought i had better get away from there. i walked back across the pasture and back to my grandmothers trailer. i never went to that farm again. i didn't tell my parents or any relatives about this. i was afraid i'd get a lecture about leaving without asking, and/ or grounded, get blamed for it, or they wouldn't believe me. the humming noise was not a car or truck, or a tractor, or plane, and the humming noise didn't sound like any machinery i ever heard, and i don't believe any such was in the woods any way. i'd guess the humming noise was about one hundred to maybe one hundred and fifty to two hundred feet from me. that the birds flew away and then the cow run away before the humming noise started. the birds were in trees had a better view then i did of the woods. and the cow, i think some animals have better hearing then people. it just occured to me, whoever was in the woods and what ever they were, did not want me to come in the woods, and didn't want me there. was the humming sound coming from the woods to warn me to stay away? it worked, i got away from there quick, walked away quickly. if so it was nice of them who ever they were, to warn me to get away from there.If someone whoever they were didnt want me in those woods? or if there was danger in the woods, snakes,or perhaps a mean cow or bull or other animal, and the humming noise was a warning to stay out of those woods? no the humming noise was not an insect or bee or snake. i didn't hear any noise in the woods, like dry sticks and stuff snapping or being stepped on. just silence in the woods, accept for the humming noise.
many years ago my uncle, my mothers brother, who lived in the boonville-pilot grove area in missouri, he told me he had seen a ufo. in 2003 when i was in missouri he showed me an old newspaper clipping he saved about him seeing a ufo. i dont remember what year he saw it, i think before 1980. he passed away a few years ago.
in the late 1960's we went to my mothers fathers, my grandfathers, farm near boonville and pilot grove, missouri. at about 9 to 10 pm we went around the bend around the alfalfa field to his driveway, and got out of the car. it was dark. my grandfather was sitting outside in the front yard under the chinese elm tree. i walked over by him. he asked me” do you see the ufo's?” his exact words. i said no, where? he pointed in the dark to across the alfalfa field and across the road to woods. i looked still didn't see any thing. again i asked him where? he pointed to the same area. i tried to look real hard, strained squinted my eyes hard to see in the dark. still i couldn't really see anything, except i saw a tiny red light and that could have been from straining, squinting my eyes so hard in the dark to see. but, i told him yes i see them because i didn't want to offend him, and so he'd quit asking me if i saw them. i believed him. just because i couldn't see it in the dark, didn't mean he couldn't see it. besides i don't think he'd make something like that up. he was a farmer. but, why he told me, and not my parents, unless he told them later. and my parents, brothers, sister , me , had just drove around that bend, the bend by the woods, then to my grandfathers driveway, and we got out of the car. next my grandfather asked me if i saw the ufo's, and he pointed to the woods by the bend. it did urk me thinking that if we, my parents, my brothers, sister, me, had just drove right by, that close, to ufo's and didnt even notice it. in 1975 my mother showed me some pictures she had recently taken of a circle in the grass on my grandfathers farm in boonville-pilot grove area, missouri. my mother said, my grandfather, her father, had taken her shown her the circle in the grass on his farm. i asked her if it could be from a huge round metal pig feeder. she said no. now that i think about it, i only saw that huge round metal pig feeder on his farm a couple of years when i was a kid. i believe he may have sold or got rid of it years before 1975. about four or five years ago i asked my mother if she still had that picture of the circle in the grass. she said she didn't know. she gave a lot of pictures to all us kids, so one of my brothers or sister may have got that picture, or the picture is lost. i even tried in 2013 went to her house looked with her through all her picture albums, didnt find that picture. i saw many pictures had been removed from her picture albums. probably from her giving all of us kids pictures. or some of her pictures got mislaid or lost. she passed away last summer.
here is a briefer story. it was in the early 1970's in kansas city, kansas where i grew up. i was about thriteen to fifthteen. a friend my age and i went outside in my backyard. it was dark about 10pm, we sat on the swingset, talking. all the sudden bam a white round flat light about twenty inches across and about fourty feet more or less above us lite up. it lite up the area of the swingset. there was no noise, silence. she and i both screamed at the same time, got off the swing set, walked across the backyard to the back door, went in the house. neither one of us ever said one thing about it to each other or any one else. i think because we were kids and shocked by it, too paralized with fear, terror, to even say a thing about it. about mid 1960's her mother said they were driving one night in missouri and saw a ufo. that's about all her mother said about it. i don't believe her mother would make that up. they had relatives in missouri too.
all i have written here is what i saw and heard. what i've written here truthfully what others saw, or told me they saw. i have no reason to make any of this up. i don't see or hear things that aren't there. i wish i hadnt heard or seen these things. and any people i've mentioned above who told me about or saw these things, i believe them and i see no reason they would make such things up. and i know what i saw and heard.
another story. in 1978 or 1979 my son four and i were staying with my dad in his trailer in kansas city, kansas near the kansas river. one afternoon me and my son four went for a walk down the road. woods to our right and an open field to the left, a ways down the road. i saw three red lights flying in a triangle formation over the field. there was nothing between the red lights except the sky. the red lights were spaced out over an area about the size of a football field, and i am not sure how many feet up in the sky. the three red lights flew over us, not going real fast, the lights seemed to slow down a little when directly above us, then picked a little speed same as before they slowed down, and i watched untill the lights flew out of sight to the right of me. what else was i to do, there we were, no one else around. it was shocking and unexpected. i stopped,stood still watching to see what it was doing to do, wasn't much else i could do. we went back to the trailer. a fews days later when i went to the grocery store i bought a midnight globe paper. this was in 1978 or 1979. sitting down at the kitchen table in the trailer i read some pages. a story on the next page caught my attention ufo's seen over concordia, kansas, a ufo three lights flying in a triangle formation, shooting different color lights. concordia was west of or some ways from kansas city, kansas. it was what i saw three lights flying in a triangle. only i didn't see the lights shooting different colors of lights. my dad was sitting in the front room. only after i saw it in a paper did i tell him about seeing three red lights flying in a triangle down the road. he told me the the woman at the tollgate said she had seen ufo's flying around at night at the river. i highly assume it was the kansas river. i will allways wonder what i saw, if it was a stunt by midnight globe paper, if so how they did it. or if it wasn't a stunt.
it'd be best to contact me by email first. i'll try to check my email once a day. if you call, and your call shows up on my phone caller id as just a number and no name, i could mistake your call for a telemarketer call not answer my phone. sincerely, linda miller

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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