UFO Sighting in Poquoson, Virginia on 2021-10-04 20:05:00 – It looked like a bright star

On the night of the sighting i was letting the dogs out when i happened to notice a star that was brighter than the rest when all of a sudden it dropped about 5000 feet before it zigzagged left too right still descending and then climbed roughly 15- 20000 feet then became stationary and started pulsating. while this thing was still on the move 5 raptors out of langley air force base took flight and flew a perimeter around this thing for about 2 hours roughly before disappearing. then here comes 3 blacked out helicopters coming from norfolk virginia to langley air force base. i never intended to make a official report but given the nightly activity i’d really like to have some answers. i did call langley the next morning and they said they had no jets in the air that night but that’s a lie because i watched five raptors take off from langley. even if y’all decide not to contact me, please get some people out here and see for yourself. again there is nightly activity out here that i sure as heck can’t explain. i also have roughly 50 pictures both daytime and nighttime of these white ball looking things that i’m not including at the moment but i would be willing to share. my house pretty much backs up to langley air force base and i’m telling you the activity is insane with abnormal military presence .

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