UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2019-08-22 15:00:00 – Saw 6 silver discs in the sky while in our swimming pool.

When we were in our backyard pool one afternoon i happen to look up off towards the ne and saw a couple of white dots….As watched them i began to see silver discs. at first it was two then there were more until 6 were present. they were off in the distance and not up close. i could see the color and shape. they hovered and were moving close to each other randomly then putting a little distance between themselves randomly. there was no specific formation. i watched them for a bit then my grandson would get my attention for something he was doing in the pool. this went on for a few mins…Watching the discs then getting distracted until the point i looked up and they were no longer present. my husband and grandson saw them as well.

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