UFO Sighting in Overland Park, Kansas on 2020-11-27 22:50:00 – Light/orb floating then streaking

At 10:50 pm my father was out smoking on the deck and sent me a text asking to borrow my binoculars. i took them out to him and he said he had been watching a light flash different colors off to the east for about 20 minutes. it had not gotten bigger or smaller and he wanted to see it up close. i looked with the binoculars and saw a bright circular object that rotated colors from orange,red,green and bright blue. we watched this for several minutes and then noticed another light to the left of it. i got a spoting scope and tried to use that to steady my view and even while leaning against a secure rail i couldn’t get the object to stay in the viewing area. i pulled out my phone and started to record and when i did i got a small video of the orb streaking through the sky up,down and zig zaging very fast. on another video the object appears in the corner of the video and looks like it leaves a odd shaped trail behind it. we watched the lights for almost 30 minutes.

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