UFO Sighting in Oshawa, Ontario on 2021-09-12 20:19:00 – Saw object very bright directly above our heads 500" up, looked like star, flew up over moved right then away fast.

My partner and i were walking back from the tim hortons on wentworth street, we made it to our parking lot when she had a sudden urge to look up, directly above my partner and i was an object hovering silently with an extremely bright light. i thought it was a bright star at first then realized it was way too low and out of place (no other stars like that). it was directly above me and i proceeded to walk a bit in order to turn around and get a better look instead of it being right over me.

we immediately knew something was up, it wasn’t moving and had no anti-collision indicator lights on it at all. it wasn’t a helicopter, plane, drone and it was too low to be a satellite (i see them all the time) it started moving west northwest slowly accelerating. it made a sudden lateral move to the right then continued on straight.

i pulled out my phone to record and it immediately disappeared. it re-emerged about a mile away almost instantly then disappeared again. i got that part on video but it is very bad quality due to it flying away so fast. i had to pause the video afterwards and take some screen shots to see it better.. we zoomed into the video to get a better look and our stomachs sank. most of the activity happened before i could film it and only managed to barely get it leaving fast. please excuse the swearing as my fiancã© was quite startled by the whole thing. the third voice in the video is the neighbor that was out by her car at the time. we see her from time to time and she said for us to contact her if anything comes of this.

shortly after it was no longer in sight we saw 2 planes possibly military going in the same direction. side note – i am a licensed canadian basic srpas pilot so i am very familiar with drones and general aviation flight mechanics. the pictures i will attach are from pausing the video and then zooming in etc. i also posted the video in its original form on youtube that night.

it would be great if people that know how to clean up video/images could clarify what this was. in the video there is a point where i slowly rotate my phone from portrait to landscape thus there is some rotation. i was trying to get a wider view but it was gone by then. first video is only audio as when i raised my phone the object disappeared. second video shows brief intervals of the object..

i will call this object a “mimic” because i honestly thought it was a start at first glance till l it moved.
since the event i have been watching the skies more and having a bit of trouble sleeping and general unease. everything else is normal.

youtube link – https://youtu.Be/njb7tevem7c

Read more & see it on a MAP

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